A. YES! We buy computers, smartphones, & tablets. We would make you an offer on your computer if the original operating system is Windows 7 or newer. We would make you an offer on your smartphone if it is a newer at&t or unlocked smartphone.

A. YES! We will recycle your old unwanted electronics for free! The only pieces we do not accept are CRT monitors (big box monitors), TVs or printers. Feel free to call for information regarding electronic recycling.

A. Unfortunately, No. We stick to buying and selling. We do, do repairs on computers purchased from us for a low repair labor rate. And we do repairs on our products that are within the warranty period.

A. YES! When you buy a computer from us you get a 90 day warranty and when you buy smartphones and tablets, you get a 30 day warranty. Don’t worry we are really easy to get along with.


A. It all depends on what people sell to us. It could be different everyday.

A. Ship or bring it to Tech Re-Up, along with the receipt (yes it is important to keep your receipt, especially for warranty purposes and proof of purchase) and we can replace the screen with a good used screen (price of screen depends on model number) + $30 labor. That simple!

A. Sorry, we do not.